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Does your life need a JOLT?

Participate in The Inspirational Coffee Club’s Pour Your Heart into Life™ Stronger Living Series—a 12-Week LIFE LIFT that will give your life a BOOST!

Feel like your life could use a makeover? Participate in The Inspirational Coffee Club’s Pour Your Heart into Life™ Stronger Living Series and learn 12 life-changing strategies for reinventing yourself and creating more success, happiness and enjoyment in the years ahead. As the beloved founder of The Inspirational Coffee Club® and an award-winning author, Julie teaches people from all walks of life her unique formula for life success. Now you can get one-on-one access to Julie's expertise and enthusiasm with her 12-week personal coaching program. Each week, you'll receive new strategies for improving in a different area of your life, along with Julie's step-by-step guidance and support to ensure progress. Live fuller and happier by giving yourself 12 weeks to transform your life!

You'll learn to:

  • Make time to focus on your life
  • Design your future to inspire you
  • Develop more confidence
  • Clarify your vision and goals in all areas of your life
  • Make your goals a reality
  • Break through your fears
  • Develop a more positive mindset
  • Create stronger, more meaningful relationships
  • Take your life to a higher level
  • Define and achieve what you want most in life
  • Have more fun and enjoyment

Overview of 12-week Program

Session 1: Making more time for yourself and your life without feeling guilty

Session 2: Becoming a more confident woman so you can take your life to a higher level

Session 3: Designing your life to add more purpose and richness by reconnecting with what's most important to you

Session 4: Getting clear on what you really want for your future and learning a simple, but effective method of setting and achieving goals in any area of your life

Session 5: Learning to push past your fears and overcome the barriers that are holding you back

Session 6: Developing a more positive mental attitude and mindset that can change your life

Session 7: Planning and prioritizing your days, months and years to get the most out of your precious time

Session 8: Empowering yourself by adding value to others and leaving a lasting impact to those around you

Session 9: Adding more good, old-fashioned fun and laughter back into your days

Session 10: Strengthening and nurturing the most important relationships in your life

Session 11: Acknowledging, accepting, and turning your difficulties into opportunities to embrace your future more fully

Session 12: Implementing a daily gratitude ritual for consistent happiness

"You are such an inspiration to other women! I've learned so much from you on how to live life and be a happier woman."
~ Shana B.

Isn't it time for you to start investing in and improving yourself? Give yourself a LIFE LIFT with The Inspirational Coffee Club’s 12-Week Pour Your Heart into Life™ Stronger Living Series. It's fun, it's life-altering and it will help you live your best life!

Participate in The Inspirational Coffee Club’s Pour Your Heart into Life Stronger Living Series!
Best Deal - Pay in full - $997 3 payments of $349

For more information, contact Julie Clark at or (605) 271-8983.

"I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. I never would have been able to accomplish such big goals without you!"
~ Sheri O.

"Thank you so much! You've made this such a positive experience. You have a wonderful way of helping eliminate the fear and overwhelm."
~ Wendy J.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You gave me the confidence that I needed very badly."
~ Laurie W.

"This was the best time I've ever spent. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you."
~ Elizabeth K.

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