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Ready to Give Your Life a Boost? Personal Development Has Been Given a Jolt!

Welcome to The Inspirational Coffee Club®, brimming with creative ways to help women revitalize their lives! We're brewing up a fresh perspective on life improvement using a one-of-a-kind, coffee-themed approach to success and fulfillment to spread messages that inspire, encourage and motivate others to live their best life. We are capturing the hearts of women from all walks of life by offering fun, creative strategies for living a life that overflows with success, happiness and joy.

The Inspirational Coffee Club®
can bring out the best in you!

Create a vision for your life
that excites you.

Gain confidence
that you are living
life to the fullest.

Learn to cherish the
lessons of the past.

Create a future unlike anything you've
experienced before.

Our mission is to refresh and rejuvenate the spirits of women by sharing strategies for pouring your heart into life. We do so by teaching key life-enhancing principles based upon our 12 Ground Rules for Life©:

Meet Julie Clark...

The 12 Ground Rules for Life©

  • Schedule inspirational coffee breaks - Refill your mind, body & soul
  • Be the leader of your own coffee club - Believe in yourself
  • Find your special blend - Be true to yourself
  • Take control of your brew - Create your future
  • Don't be afraid to burn your tongue - Take some chances
  • Choose to see your cup half full - Stay positive
  • You're never guaranteed another cup - Savor today
  • Take time to fill another's cup - Make a difference
  • Leave room for cream and sugar - Enjoy yourself
  • Coffee tastes better when shared - Love fully
  • A cracked cup is a treasure - Triumph over trials
  • Your cup runneth over - Count your blessings

Through our books, speaking, training programs, personal coaching, and other products, The Inspirational Coffee Club® provides women with practical tools, ideas and resources to improve their lives. We're here to support you in becoming the woman you've always wanted to become, encourage you to create a future filled with joy and challenge you to savor each day to the fullest. The Inspirational Coffee Club® offers the perfect blend of fun, motivation and inspiration to give your life a boost while helping you realize your full potential. Now is the time to start pouring your heart into a life you love!

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