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Inspirational Coffee Breaks for Women

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How to Start Your Own Coffee Club

FREE How to Start Your Own Coffee Club Guide

If you're ready to give your life an even bigger jolt, start studying and applying these Ground Rules for Life with other women. Organizing your own Inspirational Coffee Club® has incredibly invigorating effects! Here is your guide for getting started. You'll learn the first steps to take in order to create your own Inspirational Coffee Club® of friends, family, co-workers, church, club or group members, etc. Once you've decided to form your own Club, please download the official Club Registration Form.

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Confidence Cups

FREE Confidence Cups

This valuable fill-in form will change your life. Download and email, or print and send to a few people closest to you and prepare to be moved, encouraged and inspired by their responses. If you've ever doubted what a great woman you are, Confidence Cups will give you just the self-esteem boost you need. Re-read them daily to remind yourself how terrific you are!

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Life Pot and Life Cups Assessment

FREE Life Pot and Life Cups Assessment

This in-depth worksheet will help you inventory your life and find out what areas you are living fully and which you are leaving empty. When you identify which areas of your life need some changes, you can begin to create the kind of future that excites you.

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My Coffee Cup List

FREE My Coffee Cup List

For those who have been dreaming of doing things but not doing them, this worksheet is designed to give you some written accountability. Define 25 things you want to accomplish in your lifetime and start checking a few off the list each year!

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